Practice scheduling wall

Practice Scheduling System.

Every player cares.

This tool makes it easier for both players and their coaches to book practice sessions. Players can access the practice schedule from computers and mobile devices. They can easily check for vacancies and free dates and then book by phone or in person at any number of points designated throughout the tournament premises. The system also allows the printing of current practice session plans.
Practice Scheduling desktop

Online tool.

Configurable for your needs.

The simple and intuitive multi-user administration panel enables the creation of practice session schedules on dedicated courts, and also facilitates and speeds up their management.
Practice Scheduling wall TV

Players need to book.

Audience wants to check.

The system is also an invaluable source of information for the fans, with endpoints ranging from mobile apps to LED displays and CCTV, and features such as filtering and tracking the activities of a favorite player. The scope of practice information for the fans equals that pertaining to the proper matches of the tournament.
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