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Valuable for players, coaches and umpires.

Entertaining for fans.

Collecting and analyzing data on played matches is a crucial element of shaping a player's career. Information is therefore an important support tool for both him/her and the coach. Fans can never have too much information as well. Our statistics system, covering 15 key match events, is feed with data entered by a volunteer present at the court. The mobile app used by the volunteer automatically loads the next match played on a given court, so he/she can enter the events into the system quickly and easily as soon as the match starts.
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Forehand winners
Backhand winners
Return of serve winners
Total winners

Unforced errors

Forehand unforced errors
Backhand unforced errors
Return of serve unforced errors
Total unforced errors

Forced errors

Forehand forced errors
Backhand forced errors
Return of serve forced errors
Total forced errors


Net winners
Net points won
Net points total
Statistics by flightscope