Social Media Content wall

Get social.

Share the experience.

Social Media Content software gives the spectators a sense of community and participation in the event, hand in hand with the celebrities and stars of the World of Tennis. It provides a great level of control over social buzz around the tournament and makes it easy to shape a perfect image of the event.
Social Media Content desktop

Clear interface.

As smooth as social media.

The content management part of the system is a web application and therefore it can be accessed by many users at the same time. Its intuitive design makes all the data easy to browse, flter, search and moderate. The system downloads posts from multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts and by multiple hashtags. Then you can quickly pick posts you want to share with the fans and choose where to display them.

Social Media Content desktop

All around. From LED walls to mobile.

To entertain the audience.

Everyone may want to express themselves a bit more, knowing that the comments are shown on LED displays, CCTV and IPTV screens as well as embedded on the official tournament website – or even inside a custom tournament app.