Year round engagement

2019: A year in Action


Due to the volume of matches that are on offer, The ATP Challenger Tour offers a highly unique betting proposition. Year-round action allows fans the opportunity to savour good quality tennis, regardless of timezone or season.

The ATP Challenger Tour gives bettors the chance to see some of the world’s most exciting prospects and former stars compete over a huge volume of matches. The chance to develop solid form lines and understanding of talent makes the Challenger Tour an unrivalled option for betting and tennis fans.

Over the ten month football season, Europe’s five major leagues host a total of 1,826 games. During the football off-season of June and July, there are 1,992 ATP Challenger matches.

Monthly Volume

2019 A year in Challengers Tournament Matches Countries Continents
January 14 882 7 5
February 11 666 8 4
March 9 540 6 4
April 19 1,147 10 4
May 11 663 8 2
June 15 824 9 2
July 19 1,168 11 3
August 12 722 8 3
September 22 1,315 14 4
October 16 975 8 5
November 10 630 7 4
TOTAL 158 9,532 40 6

Delivering volume and reach

  Bets Games Points Aces
Surbiton Open 122 1,166 7,560 674

The Surbiton Open in June, illustrates the volume and reach that the ATP Challenger Tour has. Just one tournament offers a vast range of both pre-match and in play markets, with over 7,500 points played during the tournament.
Using the Surbiton Open as a guide, below is a conservative estimate of just how many engagement points the Challenger Tour offers over the year. For operators, the Challenger Tour offers the ideal volume to acquire and retain the engagement of customers over the year.

Quality that accounts and retains

The ability for operators to offer high class tennis players, year round, in such high quantity, provides a fantastic acquisition and retention tool for sportsbooks. The opportunity to advertise stars such as Sir Andy Murray in Challenger Events, certainly helps when looking to engage bettors with both pre-match and in-play tennis markets.

IMG ARENA viewing numbers

The Challenger Tour continues to grow in popularity among IMG ARENA partners. Total views have seen a year-on-year rise of 156% while unique viewers have also grown by 45% to in excess of 10 million users.

TOTAL Total Views Total Minutes Viewed Unique VIewers Mobile %
2019 254.8M 907.7M 11.43M 63%
2018 99.5M 536.1M 7.86M 56%

The mobile revolution has continued and mobile usage has risen from 56% to 63% over desktop. Android platforms have also seen a very healthy increase as users move away from Apple’s IOS platform to other providers. Having been the dominant platform in previous years, the emergence of rivals to apple’s software has now seen android own a 63% share of the mobile market for our streams.

platform Android Chrome IOS Other
2019 40% 24% 23% 13%
2018 25% 26% 31% 18%


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