EuroLeague Legends


EuroLeague Instant Legends is an innovative, new virtual sports game that uses classic Turkish Airlines EuroLeague footage to create the most exciting basketball simulation on the market.

EuroLeague Instant Legends reimagines the virtual sports arena, using iconic footage that connects fans to their favourite moments and players. 

Using archive footage of historical Turkish Airlines EuroLeague matches, the game will forge deeper levels of engagement as fans reimagine classic games with new match ups and results. 

Basketball players

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EuroLeague Legends game

A New Virtual Arena

EuroLeague Instant Legends takes thousands of classic moments from iconic matches, in order to create a randomised match and result for fans to enjoy. Using vintage footage from sporting events helps to forge deeper levels of engagement and immerse players in what we believe to be the ultimate, most realistic virtual product on the market.

Instant Virtuals Deliver Instant Action

Instant virtuals give players the ability to start a match when they please and to also skip scenes and results. There has been a surge in popularity of instant virtuals, which provide greater levels of personalisation in comparison to scheduled virtual games. Instant games deliver a faster more engaging tool for conversion to real money play and are invaluable for the long-term acquisition and retention of players. 

EuroLeague Fans

Product Overview


Product Highlights

  • Real-life, top-14 EuroLeague Basketball teams of all time.
  • Games visuals are based on thousands of real-life videos from past EuroLeague match-ups, creating unrivalled realism.
  • Choose your own match-up, place bets and starts playing immediately on demand
  • Engaging and easy to use interface, customised to all web-enabling devices (mobile and desktop)
  • RTP: 95%



  • Money Lines: Full-time & Half-time
  • Handicaps: Full-time (5 options) and Half-time
  • Under/Over: Full-time (5 options), Half-time and Each time
  • Odd/Even: Full-time, Each time and Winning margins


Technical data

  • Languages: English, French, German, Greek Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and more
  • Currencies: Euro, United States Dollar, British Pound Sterling plus more
  • Min Bet: 1 Euro
  • Max Bet: 200 Euro
  • Max Exposure: 10,000 Euro
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