EuroLeague in Numbers

During the 260 match 2018-19 season, bettors were given a host of action to get stuck into. The EuroLeague offers a vast array of engagement points and the number of markets available make it a very attractive betting proposition for basketball fans.

There are an average of over 90 pre-match markets* available per match and a whole host that are available in-play, giving bettors a fantastic selection when it comes to making a play on EuroLeague basketball.

*Based on a sample of 15 bookmakers pre-match betting opportunities over a seven day period

A format of certainty

Fans and bettors of the EuroLeague have become far more accustomed to the teams, players and markets that are being offered
and consistently delivered.
The increased volume, across multiple countries, has also significantly helped sportsbooks and media operators in Europe and internationally to gain further value from the EuroLeague. Attendances are booming across the tournament and strong growth in multiple territories point to the EuroLeague being a must have for any sportsbook’s live streaming portfolio.

Basketball as a betting Sport


2010 – 2025

GGR on basketball has grown by over $2,500 million (278%) since 2010 and is likely to experience similar growth in the coming years. Basketball has grown it’s global betting market share from 4.9% to 8.3% and is now the second most bet on sport globally. Between soccer and basketball it is thought they will command 80% of all bets taken by 2025. (Excluding horse racing)

In Europe, the market share for basketball rises further to 9.1%. The European market accounts for 35% of basketball GGR globally and given the continued rising interest of the EuroLeague, as well as the maturity of the European market, these figures can expect to rise further in the coming years. H2 Gambling Capital, predict that by 2025, the European GGR for basketball will rise to $1,631 million, underlining the potential for betting that basketball will to continue to have in the coming years.



2019 - JAN 1 2020 64.8M 253.4M 4,226,228 78%
2018/19 50.2M 367.6M 5,414,342 64%
2017/18 38.2M 231.8M 4,839,407 51%

IMG ARENA live streams for EuroLeague basketball have seen a 31% increase in total views between the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons. This season's total views, surpassed last season's total in December, with viewing numbers already up 29%.

As GGR for basketball continues to grow, it is clear the demand for live streaming will also continue to grow. Live streaming creates the ultimate betting experience for players and is now a necessity for bettors rather than a luxury, when it comes to user experience. Live streams drive in-play and pre-match betting interest and can give sports leagues around the world views and exposure that would not normally be seen without live streams.

The growth in mobile streaming also highlights an industry trend away from the conventional desktop viewing to a consumer who is now always on the go and always looking for the immersive and exciting experience that live streaming can bring. Mobile offers this around the clock and the switch from around 50% in 2017/18 to nearly 80% now is testimony to a changing style of consumption that can be seen across a wide array of sports.

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