The Modern Football Fan

The Modern Football Fan (18 -24) inhabits a landscape in which traditional TV sports broadcasting is in decline, and digital platforms are in the ascendant. For the first time ever this year OTT platform Amazon Prime has rights to, albeit a limited number of games, The Premier League. There is a view that this is the start of a significant shift as federations look towards online streaming platforms to attract a younger audience.

These young fans are a generation priced out of the live game, yet thanks to the proliferation of social platforms, they enjoy greater - and closer - access to football content and players than any generation before them.

Here come the Girls

Women's football has generated significant media buzz in recent years,with a noticeable increase in match attendance on occasion with similar numbers to League 2 games. The rise in in popularity of players, such as Megan Rapinoe, has lead to a growing number of female fans following the game.

Interests are unified via social media

It goes without saying that the Modern Football Fan is passionate about the game, but music and gaming come a close second. Interests are no longer lived and loved in isolation from each other thanks to the unifying impact of social media where content around their differing interests is pooled into the same social media feeds.

The Modern Football Fan is focused is on the digital arena with spend being dedicated to 'remote spectator' focused services and TV subscriptions.

Consumption and Interaction with the Beautiful Game

The eco-system for the modern football fan is always-on; and through GIFS, memes, clips and highlights has evolved to be truly 24/7. Fans show no sign of football fatigue, and in a highly-saturated football landscape, stats around players and games have managed to become social currency, and a way to prove your knowledge of - and dedication to - the beautiful game.

Football fans and social media



This is a generation for whom socialising in digital spaces is a more comfortable experience than interacting in person. Digital and social channels provide a platform for a shared viewing experience. A typical match day for the Modern Football Fan revolves around streaming or watching the game, with constant checking of social feeds to find memes and relevant info to share in their WhatsApp group chats with friends.


Fans seek the proximity that 'authentic' football played at the lowest levels gives. It will mean a more marketed club approach, where stories and entire eco-systems develop around even the smallest clubs to engage their fans - not just the Premier League big boys.


Research shows that the Modern Football Fan places almost twice the importance on live streams than older generations. There is a fairly linear relationship between the likelihood of watching a game that you have bet on and the frequency of betting on games overall. The Modern Football Fan not only likes to bet, but also to watch what they have bet on.

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