The Global Golf Fan

Golf fans from around the world come from a variety of demographics. The gender balance still sees male fans outweigh their female counterparts by 2:1. However, this divide is narrowing all the time as the women's game continues to blossom. The age ratio shows that the majority of fans are under the age of 45 and this is emphasised by the global golf fans' technology habits and how they watch the game.

The fans who are online, all the time

The majority of golf fans consume a vast amount of their content and highlights online. They are tech-savvy and their consumption of media and emerging software such as VR reflect this.

Global PGA Tour Fan

As IMG ARENA continues to progress with its most innovative project to date, it is clear that golf fans around the world are looking for new ways to interact with the game they love. IMG ARENA collecting shot-by-shot data for both the European Tour and PGA TOUR will allow fans to follow the players they love in real time and interact in-play. The demand for a dynamic golf betting solution is clear and the implementation of this should drive further fan engagement for the sport and also for sportsbooks around the world.

*than the average consumer

Meeting Needs. Creating Experiences. Driving Loyalty

*Source: IMG ARENA consumer research. Sample size 10,000 adults

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