World Snooker Tour

Multiple Engagement Points

Long matches and multiple engagement points have proven to be an ideal acquisition and retention tool for bookmakers looking to satisfy snooker fan's vivacious appetite for an afternoon's action on the baize.

The sheer number of matches, frames and points per tournament allow for a number of exciting betting markets to be engaged with over the event. Over/Under markets being a particular highlight for sports bettors when it comes to snooker.

We took a look at the numbers from the Betway UK Championship, the first Triple Crown event of the 2019/20 season, to give a sense of the offering every tournament on the tour can offer.

A Decade of Growth

Snooker over the last decade has experienced an unprecedented growth. Prize money has grown by 305% in ten years, while the number of ranking events have risen by 216%, from six to nineteen.

World Snooker recently rebranded to World Snooker Tour in order to reflect the growth of snooker over the last decade. Players, sponsors and most importantly fans are now enjoying a hugely improved offering, and this has been rewarded with a substantial rise in fan engagement around the world.

Huge Rise in Quality of the Action

As prize money and competition has continued to grow over the last decade, the quality of play on show has also risen enormously. This rise in quality can be documented through the linear improvement of 147s occurring per calendar year. In the 1980’s there were just eight 147s. By the 2000’s, this number had risen to 35. However when comparing that to the most recent decade, the number goes up by 143% to a staggering 85 maximums during the decade.

Snooker fans around the world are now privileged to witness a far greater standard, and as such interest in the sport all around the world has never been higher.
Maximums, just like nine-darters are huge draws for fans, new and old, and the prospect of more regular 147’s has had a fantastic influence on fan engagement at every tournament. Bettors around the world are also now interested in niche new markets that simply would not have been of interest ten years ago. At the 2019 World Championship, bettors could take a price of just 11/8 on a 147 during the tournament, a price that not many years ago would have been laughed at.

Worldwide Reach

The 2010s will be seen as a huge turning point for World Snooker Tour and the 20’s now look set to be an equally exciting decade for a sport going from strength to strength.

WST has 22 broadcasters producing 64,400 linear broadcast hours across 13 digital platforms. The ability for the sport to reach multiple demographics and audiences is testimony to the growing global footprint of the game.

There are now players from 21 different countries playing on the Tour and there are 104 national snooker federations worldwide. On top of this, an estimated 120 million people play the game across the globe. The international reach continues to accelerate the growth of the sport both among traditional broadcasters and sportsbooks.

Strong Streaming Growth

The growth of the sport has also been mirrored by very strong numbers for IMG ARENA live streams. Since 2016, total yearly viewers for IMG ARENA live streams have risen by 179%, while the number of unique viewers are up 97%, with 1.45 million extra viewers, in just three years. These strong numbers can be credited to a growing global fanbase, a growing interest in snooker as a betting proposition and significantly, the shift from desktop consumption of snooker to mobile.

In 2017, just 30% of IMG ARENA snooker content was watched on a mobile device. Two years later, in 2019, this number rose to 62%. The ability for snooker fans to be always on and consuming content, has been a major contributor to the strong growth in streaming numbers in recent years. It has also helped betting operators as an acquisition and retention tool.

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