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Tournament Services

Delivering operational excellence

From screens placed around the tournament to accreditation management systems, explore our suite of operational services.

Team of people working behind the scenes to deliever operational excellence

Live Scoring System

We have developed bespoke live scoring systems to improve the overall management, information collection and scoring accuracy across a tournament. Key clients include ATP, ITF and Wimbledon.

Core services include:

  • Scoring apps used by chair umpires
  • Tournament management tools used by supervisors
  • Data distribution software

Recognising that one size doesn’t always fit all – we can create tailormade solutions to suit all requirements. For example, we have built three additional services exclusively for the ATP: Tennis Manager, Smart Director and Pro Scorer.

Tablet displaying the live scoring system

In-venue display systems

Featuring ‘true black’ technology alongside high-density LEDs (3.9mm and 5.9mm), our displays provide next level in-venue engagement.

Our team, made up of over 50 leading engineers, allows us to adapt and update our displays on a regular basis. As with all our services we offer a fully customisable solution with no limits.

Tournament In-venue display systems, tennis match live scores on screen

Draw ceremony

This is one of the pivotal moments of any tournament and can have a huge impact on the flow of play. With IMG ARENA this moment becomes even more spectacular and captivating as the draw ceremony is supersized on screens across the venue. Player rankings, achievements and positions are displayed with the current status of the draw to engage fans. After the ceremony, data is immediately published online and distributed locally.

Audience watching Tournament Services Drawing ceremony

coin toss

The electronic coin toss was first introduced by our team in 2016. Equivalent to a traditional coin toss, this digital update delivers further marketing and sponsorship opportunities for Rightsholders. The entire process is carried out by a chair umpire and transmitted live throughout the venue.

Coin toss between two female tennis players via tablet screen

Onsite Tech

We understand that not all areas around a tournament are suitable for the installation of large, display units. However, the information they display is essential for players, umpires, the media and the public. Our systems integrate with CCTV and IPTV systems, which allows information to reach everyone, everywhere, in real time. Our services include:

  • CCTV full HD feed
  • TV rental
  • TV installation and cabling

management tools

Register your tournament guests quickly and easily and gain greater visibility over the entire event.

Guests are given an electronic card which controls their access around the venue. Electronic pads or scanning devices make moving through the zones fast and effortless.

Electronic guest access card on ipad and desktop

The system comes with a pass template, but also allows Rightsholders to create a bespoke pass using their branding and visual language.

Card designs of IT Service and Press

Manage guest accreditation requests and their approval status. Allows staff the ability to create ‘blacklist’ for unauthorised visitors.

Guest list management, two example of a pass on ipad

Easily define, add, and edit the zones in the venue, assigning labels and icons to distinguish between them.

settings create zone section- Tournament Services

Set up a cashless tournament with passes acting as a payment device.

Payment facilities example

Get to know the guest hot spots at the tournament with detailed analysis and movement maps.

graph that monitors movement in different areas of a place
Tournament Services Transportation system shown on mobile and desktop

Manage transport systems throughout the tournament with an easy to navigate platform. Allowing accredited guests to book at any time to any location.

Tournament Services practice schedule on desktop

The platform offers a clear and intuitive booking system letting you see available courts and can even match you with a practice partner. Accessible from any device, players can easily check for vacancies and free dates and then book by phone or in person at any number of points across the venue.

Professional tennis player about to hit the ball, displayed on a tablet screen
Enhanced Fan

Take fans behind the scenes with access to players as they train. Fans can view their favourite players as they warm up for major tournaments.