UFC Fighters

An ideal betting audience

The UFC audience fits the core demographic for sportsbooks, they are young, male and highly engaged. The UFC brand is an incredibly powerful one and resonates very strongly with its fan base. Betting operators will find the UFC audience a very reachable demographic and the UFC Event Centre will act as the perfect acquisition and retention tool.

Loyal, Engaged and Online

95% of UFC fans have used a social media app in the last month and 48% of UFC fans spend more than two hours per day on social media. The UFC in August 2019 passed the NFL for number of followers on Instagram, an amazing achievement given the size and following of the NFL.

opening up new avenues to engage

Nearly 80% of UFC fans consume live sports and highlights online, while 43% of fans own and use sports apps. This trend is continued when you look to sports betting. The UFC fan is 107% more likely than the average consumer to use a sports betting service and 37% of UFC fans have visited a sports betting website in the last month. The introduction of an in-play proposition, via the UFC Event Centre, will undoubtedly take MMA fan engagement to the next level.

A Global Audience


The UFC has over 300 million fans worldwide and has broadcasting rights in over 165 countries, with a broadcast reach of 1.1 billion TV households.

As of UFC Fight Night: Błachowicz vs. Jacaré, which took place on November 16, 2019, there have been 502 UFC events held in 157 cities in 28 countries. The growth of UFC in Asia has been particularly apparent in recent years and Zhang Weili's victory in China at the end of August epitomises this, as she became the first Chinese UFC champion.

Live Action. Live Betting

UFC fans are 129% more likely to regularly bet while watching live sport compared to the average global consumer. The opportunity to grow UFC in-play betting, through an official data feed is real. The IMG ARENA Event Centre, will give fans across the world a new and unrivalled experience for engaging with the world’s most exciting combat sport. The subjective nature of the sport means that only the official data can add this value to a sportsbooks in-play proposition.

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