Tomasz Bugajski

Inside ODCN

Tomasz Bugajski serves as the driving force behind the ODCN (Official Data Collection Network) as the Senior Data Collection Manager at IMG ARENA. With a deep-rooted passion for sports and a background spanning from international football academies to data management, Tomasz delves into the details of the ODCN and emphasises the value of continuous learning, the richness of global team interactions, and the balance of professional rigour with personal passions.

Tomasz Bugajski data collector

Tomasz, can you share a bit about your professional background before joining IMG ARENA and how it prepared you for your current role?

Prior to joining IMG, I worked as a manager at an international football academy. My primary responsibility was to plan events, specifically the sports program for the events we were organising, which also involved collaborating with the Real Madrid Foundation. This role gave me a better understanding of the sports industry and how it operates from a business perspective, while also enhancing my management skills.


What advice would you offer to new data collectors joining the IMG ARENA network to help them excel in their roles?

It’s always wise to be open to learning and strive towards constant improvement. This approach helps you become better at your job with each passing day and match. Moreover, we have a network of experienced Data Collectors and Regional Coordinators who are always willing to help enhance the skills of every Data Collector. Additionally, our team stationed in Poland is readily available to offer help and advice whenever needed.


Outside of your professional role, what hobbies or activities do you engage in that might surprise the team?

Apart from football which takes up much of my life, I enjoy spending my free time reading books and playing tennis. In addition, I have a keen interest in personal development and meditation, which help me find balance in a demanding sports environment. Of course, I also enjoy spending time with my wife and one-year-old son, as well as travelling and exploring new places!


Managing teams across diverse cultures and countries must certainly bring unique challenges. How have cultural nuances influenced your decision-making or shaped team interactions?

Working with people from all over the world is the most fascinating part of my job. I am grateful for the opportunity to closely interact with people from various cultures and see their similarities and differences. Although I am always aware of some differences, I strive to be fair and understanding when making decisions that affect our Data Collectors. Seeing our network grow and having so many enthusiastic sports fans on board is a great privilege. I am proud to be part of this world!


Finally, if you could attend any sports event in the world, which one would it be and why?

Choosing between the Australian Open final and the FIFA World Cup final would be a tough decision, but I would opt for the football game. After all, this event is held once every four years and is the most crucial football match! You simply cannot afford to miss it!


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