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Join us as we delve into the journey of Diya Fathima Nottan Veedan, an Estonia-based Data Collector for IMG Arena’s football games. From overcoming initial challenges to achieving remarkable progress, Diya shares her experiences and strategies in this insightful interview.

Diya Fathima - ODCN data collector at IMG Arena

Could you start by introducing yourself and telling us a bit about your background, particularly how you came to be a data collector for IMG Arena’s football games?

I am Diya, a data collector from the beautiful country of Estonia. With a deep love for the sport, I have been an ardent football enthusiast for years. I believe that my passion for football enhances my ability as a data collector, and I am captivated by the electric ambience of football stadiums. Among the many football clubs that capture my heart, Real Madrid holds a special place.


Can you describe your initial experience as a data collector for IMG Arena’s football games? What were some of the challenges you faced in collecting data, and how did you handle them?

Initial experience as a data collector for IMG was a bit difficult or I would say demanding for me. As I had to start with the winter league, it was never easy work with no proper line-ups and there was only one place to sit in the arena which was behind the goalpost which made it very hard to see what was happening on the other end. These really did affect the speed and accuracy of data collection. But on the bright side, I started covering games in difficult situations therefore it was easy when the actual season began where games are played in a proper stadium.


It’s impressive to hear about your significant improvement after re-training. What inspired you to take the initiative to enhance your skills, and what specific steps did you take to achieve such remarkable progress?

The love and enthusiasm that I have for football did motivate me to improve my skills. This sport has long been known for its simplicity with rules that are relatively easy to understand and follow. So, with some consistent practice and training, I was able to improve my speed and accuracy.


Attention to detail and accuracy are crucial in data collection. How did you develop these skills, and what strategies did you employ to ensure a higher level of accuracy in your work as a football data collector?

I would say “concentration” is one of the important criteria that contributes to the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the data collection. Concentration throughout the game and Paying attention to the referee can ensure a higher level of accuracy during data collection.


Throughout your journey, did you encounter any moments of demotivation or self-doubt? If so, how did you overcome those challenges and maintain focus on your goals as a data collector?

I never felt demotivated during my journey as a data collector, thanks to IMG Arena for helping me evolve as a data collector and providing a positive work environment. My manager Tomasz Spyra for the feedback and constant support and all the supervisors who helped me throughout the games. Also a big thanks to the scheduling team and Kinga Danek for giving games so that I can improve on the job.


Initially receiving low service levels can be discouraging. Can you share any specific instances or milestones that marked a turning point in your performance, leading to a noticeable improvement in the quality of your data collection work?

My husband is also a Data Collector for IMG who started his work for IMG Arena a few months before I did. He has 9 years of experience in sports data collection and training data collectors. So, I did quite a few practicing with the training app under his guidance before I got assigned to games which gradually helped me to improve the speed and quality of data collection work. I was even covering Champions League games with a training application while watching games with him on TV.


As IMG Arena trains data collectors to collect data using the app, can you share any specific techniques or strategies you employed to improve the speed and efficiency of data collection? How did you enhance your ability to gather and record data quickly while maintaining accuracy and attention to detail?

Strong attention towards the referee and his gestures, eliminating distractions from the stadium, and avoiding multitasking while covering the game can be highly helpful in maintaining accuracy and record data quickly. Finding a quiet and comfortable place to cover the game is also important. Moreover, every DC will go through unanticipated situations on the ground. In this situation, we need to try to stay calm and observe the referee’s action as much as possible.