We are honored to have received certification for our revolutionary Electronic Line Call System from the International Tennis Federation.
- Henri Johnson, IMG ARENA CEO -

ATP Challenger Tour

We were at 119 challengers.

Davis Cup / Fed Cup

We serviced all Davis Cup and Fed Cup World Group ties.

ATP / WTA Events

We worked on 11 ATP and 14 WTA events on 4 continents.

Grand Slam

We have been developing and supporting Wimbledon Management System since 1989.

Data visualization

& show production


More emotions – but easier control.

Our specialized products aim to provide you with more emotions together with well-structured, highly usable information distributed via our on and off court displays, live TV broadcasts, Internet websites and mobile apps.

Custom portals by IMG ARENA

We create Big Portals.

If it comes to highly customized web portals dedicated to tennis, we are capable of fulfilling even the most complex needs of large tennis organizations. Perfection behind the scene, combined with a design that places ergonomics and user experience principles as a top priority, are the hallmarks of IMG ARENA's work. Our tools run smoothly and are easy to use.

Software, hardware & design.
Simply the best.

Technology in IMG ARENA

ANDROID / iOS / OpenGL / UX & Design

Our goal is to understand your needs for technology in sport, predict the evolution of those needs, and then set a course to develop our solutions accordingly. Therefore, those solutions exceed all expectations.

We provide you with ultimate usability and performance of our desktop, mobile and web applications. We keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest solutions in electronics and adapt them for your benefit and success.


Engineers, inventors & designers.
Creative people.

IMG ARENA proves that a team of over 50 highly specialized talents are enough to provide unmatched solutions for the World of Tennis. It is possible, because of IMG ARENA’s unique features. All members of our team are educated and skilled professionals, passionate about their work. We are all inventors, creators and everybody is involved.

When we come on site, we are all intuitive and dependable engineers and managers, that only have one boss – you. All issues that come up are resolved on site without needing to ask anyone about formal frames of agreement. Thus, we can afford to offer value, where others just give you the price.

Our team of over 50 people are working on tennis data analysis all over the world. and we are proud to work with
IMG ARENA team 2

We work for
the World of Tennis

Since 1989, IMG ARENA has made everything connected with tennis matches work better and faster, look more attractive and be more convenient. We provide valuable information for players and coaches. Event organizers are able to manage a huge number of processes intuitively and faultlessly thanks to IMG ARENA products. As for the fans - we enhance their tennis experience constantly, with expertise and passion.
  • 1 Grand Slam
  • 11 ATP Tour
  • 14 WTA Tour
  • 3 Exhibitions
  • 32 Davis Cup
  • 19 Fed Cup
  • 118 Live Streaming Events for IMG Media

How did we get here?

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