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UFC Event Centre

A world-class
fan engagement

Get closer to the action with the ground-breaking UFC Event Centre, and boost customer loyalty with every fight week.

The state-of-the-art UFC Event Centre offers an unrivalled fan experience with comprehensive data on event schedules, fight cards, fighter records, weight classes and rankings.

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Over 625m global UFC fans

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Engage customers during the build-up and entirety of the 6+ hour event.

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Official UFC IP

Access to the official IP is invaluable in engaging the ultra-responsive UFC audience

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Fully Immersive

Provide visuals and statistics that bring fans closer to the octagon than ever before

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Fully Responsive

Mobile-first interface to engage players anywhere and anytime


Engage Fans from Early Prelims to Main Event

  • Full fight schedule, with weight classes for every fight
  • Information for every fighter on the card, including nationality, recent record and ranking
  • Fight card that updates throughout the night, detailing winners and their victory methods
  • The in-play fight highlighted for easy access
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  • Official UFC fighter imagery for every fighter
  • Height, weight, reach and stance
  • ‘Average fight time’ statistic offers insight for betting markets such as ‘To win in round X’
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Live in-play statistics give players another way to follow a fight and provides the perfect second-screen experience for fans.

In-play statistics include:

  • Knockdowns
  • Strikes
  • Takedowns
  • Submissions attempts
  • Control

Strikes categorised by:

  • Total strikes/significant strikes
  • Distance, clinch, ground
  • Head, body legs
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Live streaming within the Event Centre completes the UFC experience for fans and delivers an immersive, all-encompassing experience.

  • Enhances the in-fight betting experience
  • Year-round content
  • Ultra-low latency
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The live feed is a brilliant way for fans to track the momentum of a fight and aid in betting decisions:

  • Live feed of every action point that occurs during a fight
  • Statistics updated alongside the live feed to maintain overall picture of the fight
  • Perfect second-screen experience
IMG Arena Fight card on mobile screen
speaker at a UFC conference

The UFC Event Centre and its official data feed is a game-changer for how UFC fans engage with our events through sportsbooks and gaming operators. We have the most passionate, die-hard fans of any sport, and they’re going to love the option to place bets live during a fight. Betting operators are also going to love this product because, unlike other sports, UFC has no off season. The action will be non-stop for fans and sportsbook operators."

Dana White

UFC President

UFC Event Centre
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