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Power your digital platforms with cutting-edge live data feeds.

We are proud to offer Data Feeds from some of the world’s most followed sports. Our official Data Feeds bring fans closer to the action, by connecting them with the most up to date and reliable information.

Supercharge fan engagement from your audience, with real-time updates, insights and content.

Our portfolio

We are proud to work with some of the largest and most prestigious Rightsholders in the world. These partnerships allow our clients to reach a global audience of fans and consumers, and to provide them with the best possible experience.

Take a look below at a selection of Federations we work with:

Unleash the power of data to bring fans closer to the action

Explore the versatile use cases for our Data Feeds across web, mobile, social media, and broadcast platforms.

Utilise our Data Feeds to provide real-time updates on scores, game events and player statistics. Keep your audience informed and engaged, delivering the latest information as it happens.

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We offer a wealth of statistics via our Data Feeds. Analyse performance, identify trends and create compelling visualisations to provide context to your content.

Employ our Data Feeds to fuel your content. Statistics in sport have become social currency among fans. Use the fastest and most accurate data to level up your content strategy and stand out from your competitors. Supercharge your editorial content with Data that connects fans with sports on a deeper level. Editorial that is integrated with event data will improve engagement with the output.

Integrate our Data Feeds, to push notifications to your audience. Keep them engaged with the most important moments and drive traffic at required times.

Fast, Accurate, Official

All our data feeds are sourced directly from Rightsholders, ensuring official and verified information. Elevate your sports content, captivate users, and revolutionise fan engagement via our official Data Feeds.

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