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The next frontier of tennis betting

The provision of high-profile, official data has been a key driver behind the growth of in play betting for tennis. A changing of the guard in the player rankings (despite the seeming immortality of Nadal and Djokovic), presents the sport with an opportunity – if not a requirement – to go deeper and create new audiences. And to turn fans into super fans.

We are now taking tennis betting to the next level with the new Tennis Event Centre.

With immersive new visuals, insightful new metrics and a host of new markets, this game-changing product promises to give operators an enhanced solution to their tennis offering.

Tennis player serving the ball

New Opportunities

With a vast array of new data points, the Tennis Event Centre opens up an exciting range of new betting markets. These micro markets are designed to drive excitement point-by-point and game-by-game, combined with insights that will immerse and engage fans throughout any match at any level.

Point-by-Point Betting
Point-by-Point Betting
New Game Markets
New Game Markets
Pre-Match Insights
Pre-Match Insights
Underlying Trading Improvements
Underlying Trading Improvements


Capture a greater share of the pre-match excitement by informing fans with new insights and metrics.


  • Full player profiles
  • Court preferences
  • Historical statistics
  • Head-to-heads
  • Recent form
  • Tournament Form
Tennis Event Centre - Pre match insights

Watch every point in real-time with immersive visuals designed to deliver high levels of engagement throughout the match, providing new opportunities for sportsbooks to connect with customers.

Features include:

  • Heat maps, to track player movement
  • Ball tracking, to show precise ball position throughout rally
  • Rotatable court to watch action from any angle

Exciting new metrics to drive customer interest and enhance the in-play experience.


  • Momentum
  • Attacking play
  • Battles
  • Shot quality

Exciting new point-by-point markets to engage players for the entirety of a match.


  • Rally count
  • Winning shot type
  • Winning shot court location
  • Serve outcome
  • Point outcome
  • Serve speed
Tennis Event Centre - New Markets

The Performance Tracker uses our shot quality metric to highlight another form of momentum.

Impressive visuals will inform and empower bettors to engage with the multitude of in-play betting markets on offer.

Tennis event centre - Performance Tracker

Live streaming within the Event Centre gives tennis fans a one-stop-shop for the sport. The combination of a vast range of betting markets, statistics, immersive visuals and live streaming mean that fans never have to leave your website, providing a unique opportunity to increase life time player values and engagement.

Tennis Event Centre - Live Streaming

Event Centre In Action

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