Sports Services

Content Creation

Content creation underpins the IMG ARENA universe and provides the foundation for the products in our Sports Betting, Sports Media and Sports Performance verticals.
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FastPath Data

Built upon our ground-breaking golf data collection methodology, our configurable scoring applications are designed to collect the fastest, most accurate and reliable data.

Ensure fans never miss a moment with market-leading software that captures a rich set of data points.

Fastpath data collection, cctv camera and a camera crew recording a sports game

Player and Ball

IMG ARENA’s player and ball tracking systems are the newest, lightest, and least intrusive in the market. Offering the highest level of accuracy across all court sizes, our systems provide advanced data and analysis for players, coaches and fans, by combining real-time data with visualisations.

The system covers:

  • Player speed and movement patterns
  • Ball flight and speed
  • Most-occupied court areas
  • Heat map analysis
Player and ball tracking in a game of tennis

Electronic Line Calling

Our ITF-certified system takes the doubt out of line calls by using the most sophisticated millimetre-accurate ball tracking cameras. This enables Rightsholders to analyse and scrutinise in minute detail. In addition, the smart replay technology can deliver instant video replays to assist officials with difficult decisions on foot faults or line calls.

Augmented Reality example

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Event Data

Combining the features of the FastPath and Tracking Data with simplified manual collection, produces Event Data that is faster, more accurate and more detailed. This creates a new set of engagement points for fans.

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Derived Data

Via the convergence of human and automated data collection we can provide Rightsholders with fast and accurate data that powers next-generation products and metrics. This creates a cutting-edge new data set – Derived Data.

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Performance Data

Our Performance Data feeds provide an important support tool for both players and their coaches.  Courtside data allows for real- time analysis of play and performance.

Live Production

IMG ARENA Sports Services globally broadcasts events including Tennis, Golf, Badminton, Padel and many more. Our expert team deliver fans a front-row seat to the action. Best-in-class production feeds capture every moment fuelling the excitement unique to world-class sport by offering custom solutions tailored to every tournament style and layout.

Off court show production of tennis scores

World feed

Our experienced team of graphic designers enrich the viewing experience by creating engaging animated graphics that are distributed to broadcasters around the globe. Currently in use by the likes of the ATP, Challenger Tour and many more.

World Feed Graphics Production working on computers