Accreditation system

Accreditation desk.

Always busy.

Security is a must and that is why we are, of course, willing to sacrifce some convenience for it. However, we do not want to trap the spectators, players, celebrities and journalists in endless queues, especially when this reduces safety. Our solution – fluid traffic and more control at the same time.
Accreditation system

Easy to set up.

The IMG ARENA Accreditation System is easy to use, efficient and compact. It lets you acquire personal details, create a complete system of access zones and generate badges in no time. The service includes designing badge layouts and printing them on site. The names of players, officials, volunteers, sponsors etc. can be either entered manually by system operators or imported from third party databases. An online registration form may be enabled as well.

Accreditation system

Easy to control.

The differentiation of access zones during a tournament is based on different colors, numbers and letters. Industry standard barcode scanners can be used too. A central database is replicated in real time to badge scanning stations in all areas. At each step, a user friendly interface allows changes to be made quickly and easily.
Accreditation system - badges