Line Calling System - ball deformation

Line Calling

Every bounce counts.

The electronic line calling is a cutting edge technology, originally designed to improve the level of officiating. It quickly became an integral part of the tennis game by upgrading the overall playing environment as well as extending the fan experience. The Line Calling System is a high accuracy, ITF certified line calling and ball tracking system, that validates every call made by the officials.
Line calling tablet


Improves the accuracy of the line calls made by on court officials by defining the precise location of every single ball bounce. Each one of them can be reviewed in just a few simple steps, using the unique application on a dedicated device.

TV Broadcast

Transforms data into visual output to deliver the content and information about the game in real time. The broadcasters are able to serve the viewer with the desired content at the right time to maximize fan experience.


Collects all the advanced insights of the game and presents it through the graphic visualization. Desired by players, coaches and fans data analytics and digital experiences have become an integral part of the tennis game.


Creates new advertising opportunities for partners and sponsors by exposing the brand identification. This is an attractive and exclusive way to increase brand awareness.
Line calling TV graphic

Line calling
System components

Line calling by IMG ARENA

A camera based system, where multiple high speed cameras, mounted around the court, track the ball. They are connected with a single computer that processes all the data and is able to give precise on court ball location. This is fully controlled by a certified Review Official through a tablet with a custom application.

Ball tracking by IMG ARENA

A proprietary system for the measurement of ball flight parameters, whose characteristics match the leading solutions available on the market – while offering a much more cost-effective operation. We are able to precisely draw the trajectory of serve balls and determine the speed for every in-flight moment.

Player tracking by IMG ARENA

A system covers the speed, most-occupied court areas and movement patterns. The so-called heat maps, encompassing the entire match, provide interesting material for analysis by the fans. The players and coaches, on the other hand, may take advantage of detailed maps covering any part of the match, for example, a single rally.

IMG ARENA Line Calling System

Fully scalable to fit customer’s requirements. Together with other services is able to offer a full support to any kind of tennis event. Starting from a single court with limited operational space, through the biggest tennis stadiums and events to the whole World of Tennis.

Line calling scheme