Off court show production

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Off-court show production.
Going outside the court area for a snack or a chat does not have to mean that we leave the excitement behind and lose access to what is happening. Our solutions enable real-time, live provision of status information for all courts and to all facilities and locations covered by the tournament's infrastructure, in the form of attractive video walls, direction towers, social media walls, and so on.
Social Media Content desktop
This makes it easier to decide which match to attend after lunch – or perhaps stay at the restaurant and follow all of them at once?

Triangle design

Modern. and dynamic design line based on triangles. Animations and video footage connected with tonal and energetic colours enhance the entertainment. And, of course, legibility is our priority.

  • triangle design 1
  • triangle design 2
  • triangle design 3

Diagonal design

Minimalistic flat design based on diagonal lines. Ensures perfect legibility. Animated elements connected with big players photos and video footage give maximum information and a lot of entertainment for the spectators.

  • Diagonal design 1
  • Diagonal design 2
  • Diagonal design 3