On court production

Great scenarios for

great events.

On-court show production.
The deepest source of all emotions associated with a tennis tournament is the match played between competing players. The court is the stage for this event. Our hardware and software solutions, as well as the incorporated design, aim to enhance the emotions evoked by action witnessed on the stage.

Triangle design

Modern and dynamic design line based on triangles. Animations and video footage connected with tonal and energetic colours enhance the entertainment. And, of course, legibility is our priority.

  • triangle design 1
  • triangle design 2
  • triangle design 3

Diagonal design

Minimalistic flat design based on diagonal lines. Ensures perfect legibility. Animated elements connected with big players photos and video footage give maximum information and a lot of entertainment for the spectators.

  • Diagonal design 1
  • Diagonal design 2
  • Diagonal design 3

Match Scenario

Knowing the general structure of tournaments and matches, we created a series of scenarios with a varying degree of complexity, depending on the requirements of a given tournament. When fully implemented, these scenarios transform the entire court area into an interactive environment, where each move by the players is spectacularly emphasized and highlighted. In the functional sense, our solutions signifcantly exceed the purely informative role of the scoreboards, becoming an invaluable emotional component of the show itself.