Inside ODCN: Daria Skowron

Inside ODCN: Daria Skowron

Daria Skowron plays a pivotal role in talent acquisition as the Senior Recruitment Administrator at IMG ARENA. With a rich experience spanning over five years in recruitment and a strong background in Human Resources, her career has seen her mastering talent identification and process optimisation. At IMG ARENA, Daria’s focus is on global recruitment, where she employs her skills to meet the diverse needs of the organisation. Her passion for the dynamic nature of her role and the challenge of connecting with international talents underscores her integral contribution to the company’s recruitment strategy.


How did your past experiences lead you to your role as Senior Recruitment Administrator at IMG ARENA, and what attracted you to this position?

My path to Senior Recruiter stems from a background in Human Resources and advancing roles in recruitment. I have over 5 years of experience in the recruitment field. Starting in this environment, I honed my skills in identifying talents and streamlining processes. In my previous role, I managed diverse positions, primarily handling recruitment in the Silesia region, located in the southern part of Poland. In contrast, my responsibilities at IMG Arena focus on recruiting for a singular position, and the recruitment process spans across various continents. As I advanced in my career, I consistently demonstrated a knack for aligning recruitment strategies with organizational objectives. The role appeals to me due to the chance to shape a recruitment plan. I’m drawn to the dynamic nature of the position and the challenge of attracting candidates from all over the world.


Having met a vast array of sports enthusiasts, what common traits do you find in candidates who excel at IMG ARENA?

Individuals actively involved in sports and those with a more spectator-oriented interest often share common qualities, including a genuine passion for their pursuits, an analytical mindset, and an ability to derive enjoyment from their work.


Reflecting on your experiences, could you share a few amusing moments or conversations from these interviews?

One of the funny things is how the candidates say that they play Fantasy football, describe in some detail what it is, and at the end ask if I even know what it is about. They are usually surprised that I know what it is.

Quite a few of the candidates are amused when I wish them goodnight, particularly if it corresponds with the evening hour in their time zone. Some are so good-humoured that I feel like I’m telling a joke. It never fails to bring a smile to my face and improve my mood. Another thing I remember well was a conversation with a candidate who was on a crowded bus and spoke to me on a loudspeaker in front of everyone. It must be admitted that it was an unusual conversation.


Reaching 8,000 interviews is a significant achievement. What strategies have been crucial in managing such a high volume of interactions?

Effectively managing numerous interviews with global sports enthusiasts requires organized scheduling to accommodate diverse time zones, offering flexibility in interview hours to suit candidates’ preferences. Demonstrating cultural sensitivity throughout the process. Maintaining clear and streamlined communication channels. Staying attuned to global sports events and industry trends. Leveraging efficient recruitment tools, maintaining proactive candidate engagement, fostering teamwork, and continuously refining the interview process collectively contribute to a smooth and positive experience for both candidates and the recruitment team.


Outside of your professional life, what hobbies or interests do you enjoy? How do they complement or contrast with your work at IMG ARENA?

I find fulfilment in utilizing my spare time to enhance my proficiency in English, recognizing its importance in the context of my work. Additionally, I’m taking on the challenge of learning Spanish, foreseeing its potential utility for conducting interviews with Spanish-speaking candidates in the future. Beyond that, I derive pleasure from rollerblading, and I watch a lot of tv series and films. Moreover, I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new recipes, many of which I discover on TikTok 😉


How do you ensure that new recruits not only possess the right skills but also fit into the team culture at IMG ARENA?

Ensuring a seamless fit into the team culture involves more than just assessing skills. In addition to the right skill set, we place a significant emphasis on a candidate’s communication skills. Effective communication is integral to fostering collaboration and maintaining a positive team dynamic. By evaluating candidates not only for their technical proficiency but also for their ability to communicate clearly and collaborate effectively, we aim to build a cohesive and high-performing team.


Finally, if you could attend any sports event in the world, which one would it be and why?

If given the opportunity to attend any sports event in the world, I would choose the Super Bowl in the United States. The sheer magnitude of this event, characterized by its electrifying atmosphere, colossal audience, and the distinct cultural significance it holds, would make it a truly unforgettable experience.


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