Spotlight on: Hassan Shuaib

ODCN Spotlight on - Hassan Shuaib

Hassan Shuaib, a passionate football enthusiast and Regional Coordinator at IMG ARENA in the Netherlands, shares his excitement about being a data collector. Hassan highlights the importance of understanding the rules of the game, the need to seek assistance when unsure, and the significance of data protection and integrity in maintaining the company’s professionalism and reputation.


Welcome Hassan, please could tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Hassan Shuaib, I’m 38 years old, based in the Netherlands, and currently residing in Kampen, a city located in the north-central Netherlands. I am a Regional Coordinator and Data Collector at IMG ARENA, where I support our data collector’s team in the Netherlands and strive to keep everyone engaged and motivated in their roles.


What is your favourite sport and who do you support?

Football is my passion, and my favourite teams are PEC Zwolle & Go Ahead Eagles in the Netherlands and Juventus in the world.


What do you enjoy about being a Data Collector?

I have throughly enjoyed working with IMG ARENA from day one and have been learning new and interesting things ever since. From my initial training on how the system works to updating my first football match, it has been a thrilling journey.

My role as a data collector is incredibly fulfilling. I have loved sports since childhood and have been actively participating in various sports since the age of 5. Being involved in live events and reporting from different venues is not just a job for me—it’s a passion. When you truly love sports, it doesn’t feel like work.


What advice would you give someone starting out in the role?

As a Data Collector who has covered numerous matches, I can attest to the importance of thoroughly understanding the sport’s rules. Studying the rules and truly knowing the game is essential. I recommend anticipating what might occur in the next 2-3 seconds and being prepared to react to any outcome, particularly significant events like VAR, goals, penalties, and cards. As humans, it’s natural to miss certain in-game situations, but in such cases, data collectors should remain composed and inform the game day supervisor asap about any issue.

Data collectors should never hesitate to seek assistance from the game day supervisor if they are uncertain about anything. It’s better to request help and address the issue with the aid of external resources available to the supervisor, rather than attempting to conceal the problem and making misguided decisions based on personal intuition.

Finally, I would like to emphasise that data protection and integrity are fundamental values at IMG ARENA. Therefore, it is crucial for data collectors to be well-educated and prepared to respond effectively in situations that pose an integrity risk. Strict adherence to the integrity rules is essential, and Data Collectors should never hesitate to inform their respective regional managers about any potential threats to the company or themselves. By doing so, we can maintain the highest standards of professionalism and safeguard the reputation of IMG ARENA.



Interested in becoming a data collector for IMG ARENA? Click here to read more about our ODCN team, or view our current vacancies.

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