Major League Soccer

A league on the rise

29 teams in 2023
Broadcast in 190 countries
Year round engagement
995+ matches over four competitions

Messi Momentum

Half of all MLS Season Pass signups have taken place following Lionel Messi’s debut in July. The full affect that Messi has had on the MLS will be felt long after he retires and these stats prove that this is just the start.

Debut views 1.75M, making it the most watched game since 2004
288,000 new MLS Season Pass signups in his first month, giving the platform over 1 million subscribers
Increase of 459% average Inter Miami ticket price
110,000 new MLS season pass sign ups

Proof in the numbers

IMG ARENA has seen boosts to its MLS streaming figures from sportsbooks. Messi’s matches for Inter Miami have averaged 11x more views than the average MLS game prior to his arrival, showing the growth potential that Messi is bringing to our MLS content.

Overall Total Views for July & August 2023 are up 102% & Unique Viewers are up 59%.

Modern fans

MLS fans are young, digital natives.

Fan avg. age (yrs) 39.6 41.9 43.8 46.3 47.1
Gen Z fans 58% 51% 45% 45% 45%
Digitally native 43% 37% 33% 33% 33%


Viewers aged 18-49 years

*Source: YouGov, 2021 | MRI-Simmons, 2020 | Front Office Sports.

A propensity to bet

MLS fans have shown a clear desire for sports betting, more so than the other major leagues in North America.

*Source: Nielsen Scarborough, 2020 | Nielsen.

Reaching a new audience

MLS offers a unique opportunity for our sports betting and media partners to reach a fresh audience of sports fans. MLS fans are fiercely loyal to their brand and give the league their full attention.

*Source: Nielsen Scarborough, 2020 | Nielsen.

Powering next-generation fan engagement

IMG ARENA is thrilled to work with Major League Soccer and looks forward to pioneering new methods of presenting football data to the market. MLS has experienced an extraordinary surge in growth over the last decade, but the next ten years look set to see this league challenge the legacy ‘Big Four’ leagues in the US. With the tailwind of the 2026 World Cup in North America, the league is on track to further amplify its influence in the US and around the world.

The partnership between IMG ARENA and MLS represents an opportunity for sportsbooks and media companies looking to align with the thriving league and tap into the immense potential of the US soccer market. Our cutting-edge data solutions and engagement strategies are set to empower brands to make a significant impact in the world of soccer, offering a unique chance to connect with a dynamic and expanding fan base.