Sports Media

A suite of products and services designed to elevate sport to the next level.

Data-driven fan engagement

The eco-system for the modern sports fan is ‘always on’; and through GIFs, memes, clips and highlights has evolved to be truly 24/7.

Fans show no sign of fatigue. In a highly saturated sports media landscape, statistics around players and games have managed to become social currency, and a way to prove your knowledge of – and dedication to – your sport.

Data is brought to life in IMG ARENA’s immersive front-end solutions and used to create insightful and meaningful metrics.

two mobile screens displaying golf results and images of the course


Designed to be the perfect second screen experience.

FanLink has the potential to be a white-label solution for Rightsholders, media and sports partners to use data, visualisations and insights to further engage the digitally native fan.

Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship leader board and highlights on mobile screen
Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship golf course explained
Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship Golf course and analysis on phone screen
Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship course and score card on mobile screen


  • Next-generation insights
  • Immersive 2D and 3D visualizations
  • Player and ball tracking
  • In-depth data and statistics
  • Deliver never-before-seen metrics
  • Contextualise the game to new fans
  • Watch Replays
Golf course with lines from the start to end of course


FanLink has been specifically designed to offer every fan a bespoke viewing experience. Moments can be magnified and therefore clarified, creating a completely fresh way to watch sport.

Dynamic streaming overlays provide the perfect accompaniment for fans. Action-themed descriptions and animations deepen and broaden their understanding and engagement.

Two screens displaying football matches with analysis of the player's movements