Career in IMG ARENA

We develop implement and deploy some of the most advanced IT and electronic support systems for sport events.

Our technologies are being utilized by most prestigeous tournements organizers. Our apps are present on. all popular platforms and are being extensively used by tennis and golf players, coaches and sport fans, during major tournaments, around the world.

Join us and redefne the borders of technology in sport.


IMG ARENA environment

Soothing and serene environment

And we mean, really ... just look at out office! It translates to the whole work enviroment.

IMG ARENA flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

It means, that you can adjust working hours to your daily routines, family life, passions - not that you will be working at 3:00 AM :)

IMG ARENA flexible working hours

English lessons

No matter how advanced you are,conversations with a native speaker will let you sustain your level between departures to the tournaments around the world.

IMG ARENA flexible working hours

Good Coffee

From the restaurant great coffee machine. You'll love it.

IMG ARENA flexible working hours

Darts, archery & tennis court

Because we love sports. And we are target - oriented :)

IMG ARENA flexible working hours

Family Kindergarten

Many of us are parents, so we decided to run private kindergarten at affordable prices,integrated within our

IMG ARENA flexible working hours

Eco food

Like goat milk and cheese? 100% natural? Just beyond our beautiful ponds, we run a small eco farm.

IMG ARENA flexible working hours

Chillout space

Everybody loves chillout spaces right? Well, we have the best one, period. And we don't hesitate to use it.

IMG ARENA flexible working hours

Traveling around the world

Tennis courts and golf fields are often set in some of the most picturesque places around the world. And it will be your job to visit them all.

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Manuela Adaszak