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We create among rolling fields.

But we act worldwide.

What you see is efficient technical support and a team of engineers 100% focused on completing the task. Yes, that is who we are. But a very important part of our work goes unseen by our clients in day-to-day business.
IMG ARENA tennis company

It is when we become


The technologies that serve you in the form of already mature, proven products and services originate in Poland.

More specifically, in Żernica near Gliwice, in a modern, perfectly equipped research and development center, picturesquely situated among fields. It is the birthplace of all our ideas for providing even more great solutions for the players, coaches, organizers and fans of the World of Tennis. The best of these become plans we turn into reality in dedicated, specialized teams. It is also here that we test and check the solutions and apply the necessary corrections.
IMG ARENA tennis company building
It is only once the ideas have turned into plans, the plans have produced prototypes, and these in turn have become thoroughly tested, perfected technologies that we embark on a plane, and you get to meet the engineers.

April 1984

Stephen Parry

starts development of Referees Office System 1.0 for Wimbledon


April 1989


is founded in South Africa by electronics engineer Henri Johnson

The company adapts the technologies in its possession to cater to sporting needs by creating measuring systems for training programs and also cricket, golf and tennis competitions

January 1996


a high-tech company, is founded by Jacek Gronek and Wojtek Szumilas

The company specializes in serving sports competitions, particularly within the scope of measurements for various sports disciplines – snowboarding (official partner of the Polish Snowboard Association – PZS), judo, ski jumping, motorcycle speedway, car racing etc.


July 2000

The company builds its first proprietary electronic displays

Development of the first systems for the centralized management of displays throughout the premises hosting the competition


February 2001

The company creates the first proprietary systems for sports competition management and measurement collection for the purposes of developing statistics


May 2001

The company starts handling its first ATP/WTA tennis tournaments


November 2005

An R&D center and logistics base is established in Żernica, Poland, which forms a perfect starting point for quick and efficient delivery of services for most ATP/WTA events in the world


June 2007

Jagro solutions are employed in numerous ATP/WTA tournaments in Europe


January 2001

Henri Johnson and Stephen Parry combine their technological and business potential

June 2001

Our tennis radars measuring the speed of serve are used for the first time at the Queen’s Club tournament


January 2002

All ATP/WTA events worldwide start using the same management and scoring software, designed and developed by FlightScope


February 2003

Release of Davis Cup and Fed Cup systems, including serve tracking on the web


June 2004

Our tennis radar is the only serve speed measurement system certified by the ITF as accurate for all serves


April 2008

FlightScope Tennis

FlightScope engaged and eventually merged with Jagro

This proved to be the launch pad for FlightScope to develop and offer cutting edge technology to the World of Tennis in terms of event management, on and off court services, web and app development


June 2008

Delivering technical services for the Aegon Championships


August 2008

Delivering technical services for the Rogers Cup


September 2008

Release of the World Feed Graphics Production System


October 2008

Delivering technical services for the Rakuten Open


January 2009

Release of the MultiLedWall show production software


March 2009

Creation of a universal, customizable Show Production scenario for a tennis match


June 2009

Development, maintenance and support for the existing Referee’s Office System 2.0 for Wimbledon


October 2010

Release of the ATP/WTA Live application


May 2011

Release of the Draw Ceremony System


May 2012

FlightScope commenced global IT support for the ATP/WTA live scoring system


January 2013

FlightScope pioneered the development of new Referee’s Office System 3.0 for Wimbledon


February 2013

FlightScope commenced work on the Tennis Experience concept that includes the Player Tracking system


April 2013

Release of an innovative scoring tablet application for ATP/WTA


October 2013

Start of development of scoring tablet application for Wimbledon


December 2013

Release of the Practice Scheduling System for ATP/WTA events


January 2014

Contract with IMG Gaming for the provision of live streaming services at about 120 tennis and badminton events per year


June 2015

Release of the Practice Court Booking System for Wimbledon


March 2015

Release of ITF Officiating Education System


January 2016

Release of the live scoring system for the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup that includes a new scoring tablet application


February 2016

Delivering technical services for all the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup World Group Ties


June 2016

Start of work on the FlightScope’s Player Tracking system – in December 2016 it was officially approved by the ITF for use at tournaments


July 2016

Social Media Content used for the first time at the Rogers Cup


September 2016

Electronic Coin Toss application used for the first time at the Wuhan Open


January 2017

Released of the FlightScope Accreditation System