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Fuelling the Fan Experience

Live data has been one of the key drivers behind the growth of online sports betting. The provision of low latency, official data has been a key driver behind the growth of online sports betting, as demonstrated by tennis. According to leading independent data analysts H2 Gambling Capital, the overall market has expanded at 9.42% CAGR between 2012-21, with tennis betting reporting 11.71% CAGR.

When we enter long term, rights deals with the federations our aim is to create products that provide a level of depth and excitement that hasn’t been seen before in the betting market. Our officially branded suite of Event Centres allows fans to get a forensic level of detail and an immersive user experience.

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What is the IMG ARENA difference?

IMG ARENA prides itself on being 100% official. We work with the federations to grow their reach and to provide them with the security of knowing their data is being used with the upmost integrity. Our position is constant.


No ScrapingNo ScoutingNo WorkaroundsConsistent approach

Our official Fastpath Data feeds are updated directly by match officials live at the venue, providing global coverage from up to 38,900 events per year. Round the clock coverage ensures that both operators and fans have 'always on', highclass, action 365 days a year.

Data Without Limits

We have no limit on the maximum number of concurrent matches that we can handle

The latency from a live match data point is captured, received by our platform and made available to our customers in is less than one second; this low latency is essential to ensure the value of the data.

In order to ensure we provide data to all customers at this latency and with as limited disruption as possible, our infrastructure is horizontally scalable with each instance operating at a fraction of maximum capacity.

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Quality Assurance and Support

Our dedicated, 24-hour staffed teams perform rigorous testing prior to live events and on-demand support during events and post-event analysis in order to help us provide a robust and high performing service to all our sportsbook customers.


  • All applicable static data feeds are checked for presence and completeness e.g. schedule, entry lists etc.
  • Each participant is checked against the source supplier to ensure presence and completeness


  • Check is all connections are active
  • Monitor all live data is being received at the latency required
  • Monitor the accuracy of the live data to ensure it meets the highest possible standard


  • Compare data received from official federation sources
  • Where issues have arisen, a post-mortem analysis is performed to highlight any opportunity for improvement

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